We have great experience in following areas:

  • Search for suppliers of products and services. Including production equipment and products with complex tech specification.
  • Search for customers. Including assessment of market size, competitive environment, possible market barriers and ways of breaking of such barriers.
  • Assessment of markets of raw materials.
  • Negotiations, including complex or conflict ones.
  • Additional Cost forecast, including delivery costs, costs for custom clearance and local taxation.
  • Achievement of special terms and conditions: long-terms discount for trial period, exclusive terms for sales region, breaking of exclusive barrier of competitors and etc.
  • Other marketing researchs of any complexity

We have great experience in following regions:

  • Asia: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Turkey and also other countries of middle-east region
  • Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia
  • Western Europe: Acctualy all countries of European Union including UK
  • North America: USA, Canada
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